RISC Plus Services

RISC Plus Services

We provide a range of additional optional services.

Some are paid services and others free to assist you with your risk governance compliance. For those who want to take the compliance process to the next level, we have the following solutions.

Risk management systems, processes, and soft solutions.

These include a fully range of systems from free to paid solutions that go to the core of how you can manage the risk process. The days of using a spreadsheet only  are long dead. What is out there on the web?  What is genuine and how safe will your business be?  What if there are key loggers just masquerading as free risk solution? 

iAuditor for example is a third party mobile-first application that allows you to digitize all the elements of your operations. As an inspection management software, iAuditor lets your team capture consistent data, identify areas of improvement, share reports and collaborate across working teams. The free risk system allows for up to 10 users. It is  a valuable risk management software tool with extensive functionality.  We use systems like these as these to maximise savings.  This solution also provides many risk mitigation templates which we can restructure and flex to best suit your business needs. Enabled with online web access and the mobile app, the Safety Culture IAuditor allows you to  access hundreds of templates for free, representing very significant cost savings.

SafetyCulture is a global technology company that puts the power of continuous improvement into everyone’s hands. Its operations platform unlocks the power of observation at scale, giving leaders visibility and workers a voice in driving quality, efficiency, and safety improvements.

With 600M checks completed using iAuditor, 70,000 lessons delivered per day in EdApp by SafetyCulture, 65,000 organizations using this platform in 180 countries around the world, this risk strategy forms another vital plank of the risk story for all businesses. 

As an affiliate offering, this  presents as impeccable technology. Its a high value zero cost solution just begging to be deployed.  We can help you do just that.

Other solutions we provide include Risk CRM, Open Source Software and Data Base Services. While there are many capable, safe free open source solutions, it about having the capacity to identify what is available, what is free and what is secure.  Few business have the capacity to source and assess risk software platforms, much less assess vulnerability to trojan and hijacking software.  Our affiliates for some weird reason love this stuff and can't wait to show off!   These solutions enable Risk Mitigaters to harness the power of  free risk services, open source services and together with the support of our affiliates, will garner  major costs savings and business efficiencies. 

External completion of Monthly RISC Compliance surveys

Where you don’t have the resources or would like the surveys undertaken by an our RISC consultant, we can provide additional capacity.  You can be sure that what you are doing is correct and effective at all times.

Annual RISC Risk Governance Compliance certification.

Our RISC consultant will complete an annual review of compliance and compliance documentation.  For best practices achievers we issue an annual compliance certificate.

These are only just a few of our integrated risk management solutions on offer.

Other online training is available for of insulated panels risk management for staff and contractors which includes;
Minimising of ignition sources
Use of Hot and Cold Work Permits
Reporting of damaged panels
Selection and use of fire extinguisher and hose reels (videos)
Certificates issued upon completion
Insulated Panel work procedures