Liability Underwriting Reports

Liability Underwriting Reports

Similar property underwriter reports, liability insurers prefer risk profile reports.

If you have ever completed a public products liability proposal, then you will most likely get the gist of how vague these general forms are.

Apart from misdescribing your business activities and not being correctly insured, insurers will make a decision on what insurance terms they may offer on that limited information.  The insurer will naturally err on the side of caution. That may translate into premiums far in excess of what the real risk is to insuring you business. 

This report will provide a risk profile of your company and its activities as far as liability is concerned. Reports cover items such as, various exposures, risk and safety management, emergency procedures, contractor and visitor control and injury management, plant maintenance, hazardous substances, process hazards, product liability and aspects of import and export exposures.

It is a bit like detailing your car before selling. These reports detail and present your business in the best light and because issues can be attended prior the insurance quotation.

They provide better opportunities for cover and pricing and are very reasonable cost.

Risk Mitigater's  affiliates provide discount incentives for surveys.