Bulk Insurance Marketing and Service Offerings

Bulk Insurance Marketing and Service Offerings

We market and bring together group or association offers for many classes of insurance. The integration of risk management, bulk members businesses with insurance represents significant opportunities for associations and organizations to benefit as a group

The ability to sustain bulk or discounted insurance offerings can only be maintained long term with risk mitigation and management, as insurance alone does not change risk. Insurers must make profits, but businesses need to reduce insurance overheads.

The solution and glue for both stakeholders is risk mitigation – this is where we fit in.  Our group risk solutions offer the capability to reduce risk making the insurance proposition more attractive because fewer claims are received and major losses are reduced in size.

Only then can a membership pool offer the insurer the volumes necessary to create bulk offers that are sustainable long term at lower premiums and with better coverage. It’s a well-established principal which has not changed. It’s the treatment of risk that has changed, and which can now more effectively deal with the major increases in premiums taking place.

Our bulk insurance marketing and service offerings include:
Property, Liability, Fleet, Product Recall & more  
Property & Liability Underwriting Reports
Property Valuations for insurance
Trade Credit Services, Insurance, Surety Bonds
Human resource protection & insurances
Workers Compensation premium and claim services
Loss Control and Claims Management services