Food and Beverage Safety Recall Services

Food and Beverage Safety Recall Services

Our capabilities include consultation, analysis and advice of risks with associated with:

Food and beverage industry audit and analysis for:

  •  food safety risk assessments
  •  internal audits
  •  vulnerability and threat assessments (VACCP and TACCP)
  •  traceability exercises
  •  crisis management and business continuity exercises
  •  coordinated incident plans
  •  crisis and recall team management
  •  recall procedures
  •  mock recall
  •  food safety culture assessment and development plans
  •  label checks
  •  label updates for compliance to PEAL changes
  •  coordination of simultaneous multi-site mock recalls or traceability exercises
  •  coordination or media management of recalls
  •  third party investigation of incidents, recalls or complaints

Food safety training:

  •  HACCP 2020 Recharge-professional development information session
  •  Managing Food Product Recalls
  •  Food Labelling Requirements
  •  VACCP and TACCP Training
  •  Food Safety Culture
  •  Internal Auditing for the food industry
  •  Managing food safety hazards in High Risk / High Care Food Production
  •  Supplier Management strategies
  • HACCP Team Training
  • Customised training to assist with close out of CARS or identified risks

How do I understand and manage my recall exposure?

The right risk strategy requires 5 key steps.

  •  Discover the risks
  •  Evaluate, categorise, measure likely frequency and severity
  •  Assess the treatment options including/excluding insurance
  •  Design and deploy the strategy
  •  Monitor  and continually review

Risk eccentric strategies if successful, will mature and grow best practice policies which are manifested by written Disaster Recover Plans and subsequently,  Business Continuity Plans.

We know that understanding your business risks can be complex and overbearing. So we have partnered with Correct Food  Services  to offer an easy way to start this process and  to get to know the risks.

In some cases insurers may pay the initial costs of such services.

Find out if you qualify.